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What our customers are saying

Excellent service- very friendly and thorough!

Lisa-Groupon Customer 11/2020

Such a good company to use for cleaning your home! Alex was here for 4 hours and worked incredibly hard to get my checklist done. She worked so efficiently and left everything sparkling clean!

Robin-Yelp Customer 11/2020

She was great. Showed up earlier worked super hard, got to everything was ask.

Dwight-Groupon Customer 10/2020

Great service. Good job with cleaning on a move in. Will use them again.

Heather-Groupon Customer 9/2020

Seriously this cleaning company is absolutely the best. I have been using them to clean my home, office, and all of our rental properties. With the current pandemic, we've been extra diligent with ensuring that our units are clean for any new tenants. American Maid goes above and beyond to ensure that they are able to get my unit cleaned and ready for the new tenants. Obviously with the process of moving someone out and handling repairs that might be needed to get the unit ready for the next tenant - there can be a lot of issues - but American Maid handles every struggle that arises with ease and professionalism. Excellent communication and she never makes me feel like the high maintenance customer that I know I am. Highly Recommend!!! I wish all my vendors were this easy to use!

Stephanie-Yelp Customer 8/2020